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Unlocking Bitcoin's Potential with Layer-2 featuring Jeff Boortz - Blockstream Talk #27

Episode Summary

Welcome back to Blockstream Talk! Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Boortz, the Chief Product Officer at Blockstream. Jeff's two-decade experience in product management, which includes time at tech giants like Google, makes him the perfect overseer of Blockstream's software-focused product portfolio. We delved into Blockstream's vision of financial services operating on Bitcoin's decentralized infrastructure. This approach not only eliminates inefficiencies in the legacy system but also empowers users and investors by giving them more control, all while reducing costs and enhancing confidentiality. We also discussed Blockstream's plans to integrate non-custodial lightning functionality into their Green Wallet through Green Light enabling users to access both of Bitcoin's major layer-2 solutions, Liquid and Lightning, from a single wallet. Enjoy the show, and don’t forget to share this conversation with someone who doesn’t know about Blockstream!

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02:00 Jeff’s role at Blockstream 03:00 Bitcoin layer-2 synergies

04:05 Lightning & Liquid’s effect on Bitcoin adoption

11:00 Greenlight 12:39 Integrating Lightning in Blockstream Green 14:11 Use cases developing on Liquid

18:00 Confidential Transactions on the Liquid Network

20:24 The Blockstream Jade Bitcoin hardware wallet

23:00 Non-custodial trading of Liquid assets on Jade

24:15 Control & privacy benefits of decentralized technology

30:34 Institutional interest in the Liquid Network 33:29 Up & coming Blockstream projects

35:50 Timeline on Simplicity integration into Liquid